VANSLAM!! T5/T6 Coilovers from Big Blue Sky Campers

Want to get Low?  Ask Big Blue Sky Campers about VanSlam.

High performance coilover kits by 5FORTY, engineered with the Volkswagen T5/T6 in mind and TUV approved these kits are suitable for Transporters from 2003 onwards and available through Big Blue Sky Campers now.

Van Slam offers a fully adjustable ride level allowing lowering range between 40mm and 70mm.

Two kits are available for T26,T28 and T30; 

And a further kit for T32.

 van slam logo big blue sky campers

VanSlamKit2700big blue sky campers

big blue sky campers

big blue sky campers

Big Blue Sky Campers can offer you this high performance coilover kit on your VW Camper Conversion, contact Jon for more details.

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